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Newslinks for Monday, August 3
Comments and Commentary
Portland July 2024 Shootings More than Double One Year Ago
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
4 Essential Elements of Self-Defense
$5,000 Reward Issued in Warrensburg, MO Gun Store Burglary
CA: Gun Owners PAC: In-Person Fundraising Dinner, Saturday, Aug. 15th
Forty-First Edition Blue Book Of Gun Values Review
Glock G43: One of 2024's Top Sellers
History of Tula Ammo
Presidental Message on National Shooting Sports Month 2024
Review: Ruger Precision Rifle
Sen. Capito Named 2024 NSSF Legislator of the Year
Smith & Wesson Announces Approval of Outdoor Spinoff Company
The New Ten Commandments
News and Views from the Antis
De Blasio’s NYC: More Shootings at This Point in 2024 than in All of 2024
WV: Man Carrying Two Guns Arrested After Refusing to Leave Walmart
Outdoors and More
Deer Hunting Opportunities at Prime Hook
MI: Michigan DNR Commission Approves 2024 Deer Hunting Regulations
ND: Pronghorn Population Nearly All the Way Back in Western North Dakota
RI: Rhode Island Deer Hunting Permits Go on Sale

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Newslinks for Saturday, August 1
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America’s “Days of Rage”: The Extensive Left-Wing Bombings & Domestic Terrorism of the 1970s
Building 80% Gun Silencers, The Parts, The Forms, The Warnings
Local gun owners’ PAC promotes women’s self protection
Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked through her fifth bout of cancer to help shape a blockbuster Supreme Court term
Safeguarding the Second Amendment
The Birth of the NFAC; America’s Black Militia
The DNC Platform Goal is to End the Firearm Industry
Gun Rights Legal Action
Mass. Gun Rights Lawsuit Mirrors Growing NW Frustration
Self-Defense News and Views
TX: Army Sergeant Shot Garrett Foster In Self Defense, Law Firm Says
News and Views from the Antis
MO: Change laws that shield police, Missouri prosecutor says
OH: Gun reform fight continues a year after Oregon District tragedy
Politicians and Legislation
Republican Members Object to 1.3 Trillion 2021 Spending Package Passed by the House
VA: F.C. Council Gives Preliminary OK to Gun Ban on City Property
From the States
CA: La Mesa Counterprotest Leader Won’t Shun Guns: ‘Defend Our Way of Life’
CA: Tired of living in fear, some Latinos are buying guns to feel more safe
FL: No Police, No Second Amendment, No guns, No Protection, No Freedom
UT: Beloved security expert Dave Acosta dies in mountain bike crash
VA: Richmond Police continue clearing area around Lee statue

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小语加速器安卓手机版下载Newslinks for Friday, July 31
Firearms, Freedom and General Interest
Americans Turn To 2nd Amendment For Protection From Radical Left
Don’t be fooled by changes in language
Help Us Safeguard the Second Amendment
Holosun’s HE508T V2 Open Reflex Pistol Sight is All New
NSSF Announces #Rangechallenge Series, USCCCA to Sponsor
SPLC’s New Attack on Gun Owners
Self-Defense News and Views
MO: McCloskey Persecution Shows No Self-Defense Is Possible Without A Lawyer
MO: Missouri AG Moves to Drop Case Against Couple Who Defended Home with Firearms
MO: Prosecutor will not charge the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson
TX: Man who shot Garrett Foster at downtown Austin protest claims self-defense, says attorney
Guns Are An Increasing Danger At Already Tense Protests
MI: “We will no longer auction off guns,” Mayor Neeley announces. “It’s just not worth it.” Chief Hart says
Right-wing militias warned of excessive federal power. Where are they now?
Politicians and Legislation
AR: Benton County's Quorum Court approves resolutions
NH: GOA Praises NH Governor’s Veto of Elder Care Gun Confiscation Bill
From the States
CA: California Man's Gun Seized, Apparently Because He Was a Racist Group Leader
CA: 'The Sharp Reek of Gunpowder' - How Chinese Americans Are Embracing U.S. Gun Culture
IL: Chicago Mayor: 'It's a Gun Problem'
MI: Sales of guns used for self-defense up across the country, experts explain why

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Operation Self Defense
Latest Armed Self-defense News Stories:
    • Man Stabs Assailant In Self-Defense At Sedgwick Brown Line Stop, Police Say (IL)
    • Legally Armed Driver Shoots, Kills Gunman to Stop Fatal Shooting Spree (IN)
    • Two Dead in Stabbing, Self-Defense Shooting at Bellevue Apartment Tower (WA)
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    • Confrontation Over Noise Ends With Self-defense Killing in Eureka (CA)
    • Man Shoots Relative in Self-Defense (AL)
    • Sacramento County Homeowner Shoots Suspect Who Led Officers on Chase (CA)
    • Fredericksburg Woman Shoots and Kills Alleged Home Intruder (TX)
    • LVMPD- Man Shoots Suspect Armed With Knife in Central Valley (NV)
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    • Northeast Harris County Stepfather Shoots Stepson in Possible Act of Self-Defense, Police Say (TX)
    • Texas Gun Store Owner Opens Fire on Burglars, One Dies From Wounds Miles Away (TX)
    • Man Shot While Attempting to Break into Detroit Home, Police Said (PA)
    • Resident kills 3 alleged home invaders during shootout inside Channelview home (TX)
    • Fatal Outside of DeKalb Gas Station was Justified, Police Say (GA)
    • California shop owner fatally shoots masked robbers, 3rd suspect on the run (CA)
    • FedEx Driver Fatally Shoots Suspect During Armed Robbery In Northeast Philadelphia (PA)
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    • Woman Allegedly Shoots Child's Father in Self-Defense (IL)
    • Man Who Broke into Business Shot by Employee, Police Say (MI)
    • Georgia Bread Deliveryman Shoots Hardee's Armed Robbery Suspect During 'Short Gun Battle' (GA)
    • McCleary Woman Says She had No Choice When She Shot, Killed Estranged Husband (WA)
    • Armed Robbery Suspect Shot Dead by Victim He was Trying to Rob in West Philadelphia (PA)
    • Florida Woman, 8 Months Pregnant, Uses AR-15 to Fatally Shoot Armed Intruder (FL)
    • Man Shot in Skyway Accused of Brandishing hammer; Detectives Say Shooter Fired in Self-Defense (WA)
    • Homeowner Fatally Stabs Man During St. Pete Break-in (FL)
    • No Charges Filed in Weekend Shooting in Yuma (AZ)
    • Woman Shoots Intruder in a Home Near Daphne (AL)
    • Friday Shooting Victim was Shot in Self-defense, Montgomery Police Say (AL)
    • Man Shot and Killed After Altercation in Preston County (WV)
    • He Threatened Two People with a Knife, Then was Shot and Killed, Merced Deputies Say (CA)
    • Shooting Results in Death of a Mississippi Man. Sheriff Said it's Most Likely Self-Defense (MS)
    • Victim shoots, Injures Suspects in Attempted Robbery (MI)
    • Woman Says Wrestled Gun From Boyfriend, Shot Him (TX)
    • 抽签器app下载-抽签器 v5.5.600606 安卓版 - 量产资源网:2021-6-12 · 抽签器app下载是由量产资源网收集于官网最新发布版本,抽签器是一款方便的抽签器应用,致力于抽签活动,能够在平台上根据抽签来进行活动的内容项目,还能够自由选择抽签的模式进行抽签,非常的方便;在这里提供了各种选项,用户可众在平
    • Marion County Shooting Ruled Self-Defense (TN)
    • 20-year-old Man Shot and Killed by Homeowner During Burglary Attempt, Radcliff Police Say (KY)
    • Homeowner Shoots, Kills Man Forcing Way into Home (PA)
    • Cass County Sheriff- Teen was Acting in Self-Defense (MI)
    • California Woman Shoots Home Invader Armed With Hammer (CA)
    • Person Shot, Killed After Multiple Attempted Carjackings in Publix Parking Lot, HCSO Says (FL)
    • Man Dies After Being Shot by Passerby During Alleged Assault in Provo (UT)
    • 1 Man Dead, Another Injured Following Dispute over Trespassing (GA)
    • Metro Police- Self-defense Claimed in Fatal Downtown Nashville Shooting (TN)
    • Homeowner Tries to Fight Off Suspect with Stick, Then Shoots Him in Chest
    • Shooter Acted in Self-defense, Two people Dead (TN)
    • Man with Gun Permit Shoots Attacker in West Philly (PA)
    • Man Shoots Neighbor’s Dog in Self-Defense, Police Say (NH)
    • Victim Stabs Suspect in Self-Defense Following Dispute in West Central Fresno (CA)
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    • Son Who Shot Father in Outlook Acted in Self-defense (WA)
    • Indy woman shoots man, claims self-defense (IN)
    • Alabama Family Dollar Clerk Fights off Sword-Wielding Robbers with Gun (AL)
    • Sheriff's Office- Benbow Shooting Was Self-Defense (CA)
    • DeSoto County Man Shoots Neighbor in Self-Defense, Sheriff’s Office Says (MS)
    • Owasso Police- Man Shoots, Kills Intruder Following Attempted Burglary (OK)
    • Women Shoots Man in Self-Defense in Luxury South Loop Apartment (IL)
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    • Man Shoots Woman in Self-Defense After Being Pepper Sprayed, Police Say (TX)
    • 70-Year-Old Woman Shot Home Invader (WV)
    • Child Custody Exchange Ends in Gunfire at Orlando Gas Station (FL)
    • South Side Chicago Heights Teen Killed Uncle in Self-Defense After Attack on Mother, Police Say (IL)
    • Interior Alaska Homeowner Confronts Teen Burglary Suspect, Fires Shot (AK)
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    • Police Investigating After Father Shoots Son in Wayne County, Likely in Self-Defense (TN)
    • Bradenton Man Shot During Break-in, Sarasota Sheriff Says (FL)
    • Armed NC Patron Opens Fire on Masked Convenience Store Robbers (NC)
    • BRPD Says LSU Athletes Shot, Killed Man Who Tried to Rob Them (LA)
    • Armed Shoppers Help Stop Shoplifters at Marysville Farm and Ranch Store (WA)
    • Bradenton Man Shot During Break-in, Sarasota Sheriff Says (FL)
    • Man Fatally Shoots Home intruder, Sumter Deputies Say (FL)
    • Rapid City Women Claims Self-Defense Fatal Stabbing (SD)
    • Metairie Woman Fatally Shot Tulane Law Student Husband in Self-Defense Against Abuse, JPSO Says (LA)
    • Detroit Woman Getting Ready for Church Shoots, Kills Man During Home Invasion (MI)
    More Stories Like This
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